Robert Lentz is a Franciscan friar whose innovative icons are known throughout the world. He is a member of Holy Name Province, and is stationed in Silver Spring, Maryland at Holy Name College. Besides painting many hours each day, he teaches apprentices, writes, and conducts workshops on art and spirituality throughout the United States. Brother Robert is active in promoting dialog between Muslims and Christians. He is also committed to the indigenization of Byzantine iconography in the various cultures embraced by the Church.
Brother Robert was born in rural Colorado in 1946. His grandparents emigrated from tsarist Russia in the early 1900′s. He studied Byzantine iconography by apprenticing himself to a master painter from the school of Photios Kontoglou in a Greek Orthodox monastery founded from Mount Athos. He belongs to the Byzantine Rite, but has focused his life and his work on the radical changes facingall Christians in our day.
His icons reflect his experiences among the poor in this country and in the Third World, as well as his Franciscan and Russian roots. They are filled with bright colors and often depict contemporary subjects. While always striving to remain true to the essence of Byzantine iconography, he adapts traditional conventions in order to minister better to the emerging Church. His icons remain transcendent expressions of the ancient Christian Tradition, and they invite us into communion with God and the saints.

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  1. Vicki Garlock says:

    Ugh…I have no idea if I just posted that comment or not!! I am going to resend it, just in case it disappeared. Ok — I am developing a Bible-based, interfaith Sunday School curriculum. I would like to use an image of Mary Magdalene holding a red egg in my lesson plan on Mary Magdalene. I found it on the web site http://www.northernway.org/school/omm/gallery.html. I can’t seem to copy/paste the image into this box, but if you copy/paste the URL into your browser, it will take you directly to the page. The image is about half-way down on the left-hand side. When I clicked on the link below the image, the text indicated that the icon was commissioned by Grace Cathedral in San Francisco “to commemorate the election of Barbara Harris, the first woman bishop in the Anglican communion.” When I contacted them, they told me they are fairly sure you still hold the rights to this image. If so, I am asking your permission to use the image in a free sample of my lesson plan, which will be available on my web site, faithseekerkids.com. In the future, I hope to sell my curriculum, as well. The web site is currently under construction, but you can see it if that’s important to you. As an aside, I have been running around on the web trying to find contact info. for you. Along the way, I saw many of your other paintings (which I’ve seen on various other web sites) and read a bit about your life. Your work is really amazing! Thank you for your consideration — and for taking the time to read this — possibly twice. In peace, Vicki Garlock

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